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Thai 106A

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In 2006, the excellent single plants crossed with Guangzhan 63S and Xieqingzao B were used in Hainan, and then continuously backcrossed with Xieqingzao A, and Tai 106A was bred in 2012.
1. Main technical performance indicators
1. Morphology and agronomic characteristics
The leaf sheath of Tai 106A is green, the leaf is green, the stigma is white, and the palea tip is colorless. Under the condition of sowing on May 20, the sowing period is about 85 days, the number of main stem leaves is 15-16, the plant height is about 90 cm, the tillering power is strong, the ear formation rate is higher, and the average effective ear per plant is 12 -13, the ear length is about 28 cm, the neck is about -10 cm, and the average number of spikelets per panicle is 170-180. The 1000-grain weight of Tai 106B is 25.8 grams.
2. Fertility
The sterile plant rate of Tai 106A is 100%, and the pollen sterility is 100%; the pollen is dominated by classic abortion, with round and stained abortion from time to time; the self-seed setting rate of bagging and natural isolation identification is 0.
3. Flowering habits
The flowering period of single ear of Tai 106A is 6 days. The opening rate of the spikelets is 80.6%, the opening angle of the spikelets is 35-36°, and the time from opening to closing of a single spikelet during flowering varies from 60 to 150 minutes, with an average of 90 minutes. In fine weather conditions, Tai 106A begins to bloom at 9:30 in the morning, and the peak of daily flowering is from 10:30 to 11:30. The total exposure rate of stigma was 67.7%, of which the double exposure rate was 36.6%. The seed setting rate of bagging twice pollination is 65.1%, and the seed setting rate of multiplication is more than 40%. Sensitive to "920".
4. Quality
According to the inspection by the Food Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture (Wuhan): Thai 106A has a roughness rate of 80.5%, a polished rice rate of 61.2%, a chalky grain rate of 27%, a chalkiness of 3.6%, an aspect ratio of 3.2, and a gel consistency of 88㎜ , The amylose content is 12.7%.
Tai 106A has stable sterility, excellent comprehensive traits, good flowering habit, large glume opening angle, high stigma exposure rate, more concentrated flowering time, and obvious advantages in matching groups. It has good application value and successfully passed the appraisal by the expert group of Jiangsu Crop Variety Approval Committee on August 23, 2016.
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