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Chunyou 284

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Hybrid rice
It is a three-line Indica-Japonica hybrid medium rice. This variety has compact plant shape, good population uniformity, strong tillering ability and panicle formation rate, large panicles and many grains. Effective panicles per mu are 174,000. The total number of grains per panicle is 224.7, and the seed setting rate is 83.2%. , 1000-grain weight 25.8 grams; plant height 108.5cm, 5.3cm shorter than Yongyou 2640, strong lodging resistance. The whole growth period is about 146 days, which is equivalent to Yongyou 2640.
Yield performance
Participated in the regional test of Jiangsu Province in 2015, the highest yield per mu was 785.5 kg, and the average yield per mu was 712.6 kg, an increase of 8.95% compared to the control 9 You 418, which reached a very significant level.
Participated in the regional test of Jiangsu Province in 2016, the highest yield per mu was 847.4 kg, and the average yield per mu was 748.3 kg, which was 3.02% higher than the control Yongyou 2640.
Resistance performance
Resistance identification performance in 2015: moderately resistant to rice blast and stripe leaf blight, susceptible to sheath blight; 2016 resistance identification performance: moderately susceptible to rice blast.
Points for Attention in Cultivation
1. Use seed soaking before sowing to prevent seed-borne diseases such as bakanae disease and dry tip nematode disease. Seed soaking with medicament for more than 48 hours or bright shield dressing. The amount of seed per mu is about 0.75 kg, and the seedling age is 35-40 days.
2. Fertilizer and water management should adopt a bombardment mode to promote early tiller and more tiller. Use 45% (15-15-15) compound fertilizer 40 kg and 20-25 kg urea per mu of base fertilizer.
3. When the high temperature comes, deep water layers in the field should be maintained, and day and night irrigation should be carried out with conditions to resist high temperature hazards. The water is cut off one week before harvest, and it is important not to cut off the water prematurely.
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