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Y Liangyou 569

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Hybrid rice

It is an indica two-line hybrid rice variety prepared by Y58S and self-restoring line Taihui 609. It is planted as a mid-season rice in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The whole growth period is 136.1 days on average, which is 1.6 days shorter than the control Fengliangyou 4. The combination has moderate plant type, dark green leaf color, slightly curled flag leaf, short flag leaf, purple grain color, moderate tillering power, strong lodging resistance, early growth period, and average color fading; the average yield is 673.79 kg per mu , Yifeng Liangyou 4 (CK) increased by 8.0%, the main agronomic performance: 170,000 effective ears per mu, plant height 118.4 cm, ear length 26.1 cm, total number of grains per ear 186, seed setting rate 86.9%, Thousand grains weigh 27.5 grams. Resistance: the comprehensive index of rice blast is 6.3, the highest level of panicle blast loss is 9; bacterial blight is 5. Main indicators of rice quality: the whole rice rate is 53.3%, the aspect ratio is 3.0, the chalky grain rate is 29.3%, the chalkiness is 3.8%, the gel consistency is 72mm, the amylose content is 15.9%, and it reaches the national standard of high quality level 3. Entered the green channel production test in 2017.

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