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Hongqi 688

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Approval Number: Black Jade 2015032
Variety type: ordinary corn
Yield performance: Participated in the regional test in Heilongjiang Province from 2012 to 2013, with an average yield of 653.72 kg per mu in two years, an increase of 13.2% over the control. In the production test in 2014, the average yield per mu was 772.83 kg, which was 11.4% higher than the control Demeya 3.
Fertility period: 118 days for the whole fertility period.
Characteristics: The number of growth days from emergence to maturity in the adapted area is about 118 days, and the active accumulated temperature is about 2315°C at ≥10°C. The first sheath of this species is purple, the leaves are green, and the stems are green. The height of the plant is 280 cm, the height of the ear is 100 cm, and 15 leaves can be seen in the adult plant. The ears are cylindrical, with red cobs, ear length 21 cm, ear thickness 5.0 cm, ear rows 14-16 rows, half-dented, yellow kernels, weight 37 grams per hundred kernels. Two-year quality analysis results: test weight 731-788 g/l, crude starch 72.83%-75.30%, crude protein 8.37%-9.98%, crude fat 3.80%-4.28%. Three (two) years of disease resistance vaccination identification results: large leaf spot disease 3-5 (new standard) grade, head smut incidence rate of 7.1%-11.7%.
Cultivation key points: This variety is sown in the adaptation area around May 1, choose medium-fertility plots for planting, adopt clearing cultivation method, and protect about 60,000 hectares of seedlings. Fertilization method and fertilization amount per hectare: Seed fertilizer is applied during ridge formation or sowing, and topdressing is applied at the beginning of jointing. For medium and above fertile plots, plant fertilizers of more than 225-300 kg/ha of diamine phosphate and 300-375 kg/ha of urea for top dressing. Or fertilize according to the local soil fertility status by testing soil and formulating fertilizer. Field management: fix seedlings with 3-4 leaves, shovel early, and top-dress in time. When the grains reach physiological maturity from late September to early October, harvest them manually or mechanically in time.
Opinions: This variety meets the certification standards of Heilongjiang Province and passed the certification. It is suitable for planting in the lower limit of the second accumulative temperature zone and the upper limit of the third accumulative temperature zone in Heilongjiang Province.
Matters needing attention: timely topdressing and shoveling in the early stage of childbirth to strengthen field management.
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