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Luomai 163

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The new wheat varieties bred by Luohe City Academy of Agricultural Sciences were selected using the "Luomai 6010/Florida" pedigree method. It has passed the preliminary review of Hubei Province and is expected to pass the national review of the Huanghuai Hainan film in 2018. Henan Dacheng Seed Industry has the exclusive right to develop and operate.
It is a weak spring variety. The seedlings grow semi-creeping and have strong tillering power. The plant is compact, the stems are light in wax powder, and the flag leaves are medium-long and uplifting. The ear layer is not neat, the ear fusiform, medium spikelet density, long awn, white husk, white bark, oval, horny, good maturity. In the regional test, the plant height is 83.7 cm, the effective ears per mu are 327,000, the number of grains per ear is 35.4, the thousand-grain weight is 47.2 grams, and the growth period is 200.1 days, which is 2.1 days later than Zhengmai 9023. Lodging in the field is lighter than Zheng Mai 9023.
Resistance identification: the disease is identified as medium resistance to scab, sheath blight, stripe rust, etc.
Quality and yield:
Participated in the regional test of Hubei wheat varieties in Hubei Province from 2015 to 2017. The quality was determined by the Grain and Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture (Harbin). The bulk density is 800 grams/liter, the crude protein content (dry basis) is 13.49%, and the wet gluten The content is 28.8%, the stabilization time is 6.5 minutes, and the main quality indicators reach the standard for medium-gluten wheat. The average yield per mu in the two-year regional test was 473.43 kg, which was 6.51% higher than the control Zhengmai 9023. Among them, the yield per mu in 2015-2016 was 476.47 kg, which was 4.68% higher than that of Zhengmai 9023; the yield per mu in 2016-2017 was 470.39 kg, which was 8.33% higher than Zhengmai 9023.
Key points of cultivation techniques:
1. Sowing seeds at the right time. Sowing in late October, basic seedlings of 150,000 to 180,000 per mu.
2. The base fertilizer is the main fertilization, the seedlings should be topdressed in time before jointing, and the top dressing should be nitrogen fertilizer. The whole growth period generally requires 12-14 kg of pure nitrogen, 7-9 kg of phosphorus pentoxide and 7-9 kg of potassium oxide per mu. .
3. Pay attention to clearing the ditch and preventing stains, controlling prosperity and strengthening, and preventing lodging.
4. Attention: Prevent and control diseases such as head blight, powdery mildew, sheath blight and stripe rust.
5. Harvest at the right time to prevent ears from sprouting.
Suitable areas for promotion:
It is suitable for planting in wheat producing areas in northern Hubei Province.
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