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"Quan 9311A" is combined with "Quan You" series latest certified high-quality, disease-resistant, high-yield varieties.
This variety is a new high-quality, disease-resistant indica hybrid rice variety jointly selected by Hongqi Seed Industry and Quanyin Hi-Tech’s sterile line "Quan9311A" and restorer line "R766". It is approved by the Anhui Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee. Introduced and planted in Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Fujian Province and Henan Province in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the production and operation of Hongqi Seed Industry is exclusively owned. This variety has the following characteristics:
Moderate maturity: It is a mid-maturing indica rice variety. It is planted in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River for a full growth period of 135-140 days, which is 2.4 days later than Ⅱyou 838.
Large ears and large grains: The ear type is large, the average total number of grains per ear is 206.7 grains, the thousand-grain weight is 26.0-28.0 grams, and the grains are large.
The rice quality is better: polished rice rate 71.8%, chalky grain rate 7%, chalkiness 1.0%, transparency level 1, amylose content 16.7%, gel consistency 66 mm, length-to-width ratio 3.1, conforming to ministerial first-level food Rice quality standards.
High temperature resistance: strong high temperature resistance at ear stage and high seed setting rate.
Good disease resistance: the identification of rice blast MR1~MR1, rice smut disease incidence MR1~MR2, disease refers to R~MR2, stripe leaf blight HR~HR. Medium resistance to rice blast, medium resistance to rice smut, high resistance to stripe leaf blight.
High yield: Participated in the regional test of the medium indica maturity group in Anhui Province in 2016, and the average yield per mu was 8.56% higher than the control, reaching a very significant level; the test continued in 2017, and the average yield per mu was 8.22% higher than the control, reaching a very significant level; the two-year area The average yield per mu in the test increased by 8.39% compared to the control; in the 2017 production test, the average yield per mu increased by 9.99% compared to the comparison. High-yield cultivation can reach 1,800 jin per mu.
Main cultivation measures
1. Raising seedlings: Sowing seedlings at the right time, generally from mid-April to late May, raising seedlings in dry or humid conditions, and cultivating multi-tiller and strong seedlings.
2. Transplanting: Transplant at the right time, the age of seedlings is 25-30 days, the planting specifications of middle and upper fertility fields are 4 inches × 9 inches or 5 inches × 8 inches, and the density of medium and lower fertility fields should be increased appropriately.
3. Fertilizer and water management: The total amount of pure nitrogen required for each acre of field is about 10 kg, and the combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers should be 1:0.5:0.8. Apply sufficient base fertilizer, apply tillering fertilizer early, and apply ear fertilizer. The irrigation method of "planting seedlings in shallow water, living trees in inch of water, thin-water tillers, deep-water heading, and dry and wet in the later stage" is adopted. When the number of seedlings per mu reaches 180,000, the fields are drained and dried in time to control the seedlings.
4. Comprehensively do a good job in the prevention and control of black-streak dwarf disease, rice blast, rice smut, sheath blight, rice planthopper, stem borer and other pests; control the application of nitrogen fertilizer in the later stage, and it is recommended to spray multi-effects to prevent Fall down.
5. This variety of rice is of good quality and is suitable for the development of high-quality rice. When harvesting, it should be single harvested to prevent mechanical mixing.
Suitable areas for planting: suitable for Anhui Province and similar ecological regions in Hubei Province (except Wuling Mountain), Hunan Province (except Wuling Mountain), Jiangxi Province, Jiangsu Province's Yangtze River Valley rice area, Zhejiang Province's middle rice area, and Fujian Province's northern rice area , The rice blast area in southern Henan Province is planted as a mid-season rice.

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