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Sutai Mai 1

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Approval number: Wanshenmai 2017014
Variety name: Sutaimai No. 1
Applicant: Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Industry Co., Ltd.
Breeder: Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Industry Co., Ltd.
Variety source: Zheng Mai 8329/ Yannong 19
Characteristics: Half-winter, 222 days for the whole growth period, which is equivalent to the control Wanmai 52. The seedlings are semi-prostrate and grow stronger. Good tillering power and high ear formation rate. Growth and development are fast in spring, and polarization is faster. The height of the plant is about 87 cm, the plant type is compact, the appearance is beautiful, and the stalk elasticity is better. The flag leaves are nearly flat and longer, the leaves are dark green, and the ear layer is irregular. Yellowing and ripeness are better. Long awn, white shell, white grain, rectangular ear. In 2015/2016, the average number of ears per mu was 47/42 million, the number of ears per ear was 30/33, and the thousand-grain weight was 43/41 grams. 2015/2016 two-year vaccination resistance identification results: moderately susceptible/medium resistant to scab (severity 3.1/2.8); moderately susceptible/medium resistant to powdery mildew (disease level 5/3); susceptible to sheath blight Disease (disease refers to 56/44). The results of the two-year quality analysis in 2015/2016: test weight 807/796g/L, crude protein (dry basis) 14.42/14.47%, wet gluten (based on 14% moisture) 31.2/31.7%, water absorption 56.5/57.7mL/ 100g, stabilization time 7.6/5.1min.
Yield performance: The average yield per mu in the 2014-2015 regional test was 531.9 kg, which was 5.92% higher than the control Wanmai 52, which was extremely significant. 8 o'clock summary, 7 o'clock production increase. The average yield per mu in the 2015-2016 regional test was 504.8 kg, which was a significant increase of 5.22% compared to the control Wanmai 52. 8 o'clock summary, 7 o'clock production increase and 1 o'clock production level. The average yield per mu in the 2016-2017 production test was 542.8 kg, which was an increase of 6.26% compared to the control Wanmai 52. 7 points summary, all increase production.
Key points of cultivation techniques: 1. Sowing date and density: The suitable sowing date is early to mid-October, the suitable seedlings per mu is 160,000-180,000, and the sowing amount should be increased appropriately for late sowing. 2. Fertilization: increase the application of organic fertilizers, combined with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers, combine basal application and topdressing, and apply jointing fertilizer in a timely manner. 3. Field management: pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases such as head blight, sheath blight, powdery mildew, etc., after returning to green, before jointing, timely chemical control to prevent lodging.
Approval opinion: It conforms to the approval standards of wheat varieties in Anhui Province and passed the approval. It is suitable to promote planting in the areas along Huaihe River and Huaibei in Anhui, and attention should be paid to the prevention and control of diseases such as head blight and sheath blight.
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